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Life Insurance Claims

Most life insurance claims with Phoenix can be processed after we receive:

  • Beneficiary Statement, filled out and signed by the named beneficiary
  • Certified death certificate (showing cause and manner of death) for the insured
  • Original insurance contract, if available

If the deceased was insured by more than one Phoenix policy, you can write all the policy numbers on a single beneficiary statement and send only one copy of the death certificate.

The Beneficiary Statement includes instructions for completing and mailing the form to Phoenix. Once downloaded to your computer, the form can be filled out on screen, saved to your computer's hard drive and printed out for mailing to Phoenix.

If you have any questions about the amount to be paid or whether coverage is in force, please contact a claims representative at 1-800-814-3692.

Certification and Acknowledgement of Trust Agreement for Death Claim Settlement Certify the existence of a trust, as well as current trustees and/or successors, for use with death claims only.

Claim Payments
Assessing your financial situation takes time, especially if you have recently lost someone. That's why, in most cases,1 policy benefits are deposited into an interest-bearing checking account called a Phoenix Concierge Account.

The account earns a competitive interest rate, provides free check-writing privileges and guarantees the safety of the principal.2 A brochure explaining how the account works is mailed with the checkbook upon payment of a claim.

Most importantly, the Phoenix Concierge Account provides beneficiaries with time to carefully consider options for using policy proceeds. Those options may include investing in other financial products, such as mutual funds, life insurance or annuities.

Call us at 1-800-814-3692 if you would like to inquire about other available Payment Options, the Phoenix Concierge Account or to speak to a claims representative.


More Claims Information

Determining the Beneficiary
The name or names of beneficiaries are shown on the original application attached to the policy or on the policy specification page. If a beneficiary designation was changed, an endorsed copy of the change was returned to the owner with instructions to attach it to the insurance documents. You may also request this information by calling 1-800-814-3692.

What to Do if a Beneficiary is Deceased
If the primary beneficiary dies before the insured, the benefits are paid to the contingent, or secondary, beneficiary.

If there is no contingent beneficiary, the benefits are paid to the policy owner or the owner's estate as outlined in the contract. If the beneficiary passed away after the insured but before benefits were paid, the benefits are payable to the beneficiary's estate. If benefits are payable to an estate, the court-appointed representative should complete the claimant's statement and provide us with a copy of the appointment document. Note: A death certificate for the deceased beneficiary is required.

What to Do if a Beneficiary is a Trust
In addition to the Beneficiary Statement, a certified death certificate, original insurance contract and Certification and Acknowledgement of Trust Agreement form are required.

What to Do if the Beneficiary is an Estate
In addition to the Beneficiary Statement, a certified death certificate, original insurance contract and letters of testamentary (sometimes referred to as appointment papers, certificates of appointment or letters of administration) are required.

Payment of Proceeds to Another Party
Life insurance benefits can be paid directly to a funeral home, cemetery or other party if the beneficiary executes an assignment of proceeds form. Funeral homes and cemeteries typically have their own assignment of proceeds forms. In order for us to honor an assignment of proceeds, the form must clearly include:

  • Beneficiary's signature
  • All policy numbers
  • Specific amount to be paid by assignment

Collateral Assignment of Proceeds to a Creditor
The creditor must complete our Affidavit of Extent of Interest, which must state the creditor's amount of interest in the proceeds. The remainder, if any, is paid to the policy's beneficiary. If a creditor no longer has an interest in the proceeds, he must complete a Release of Assignment form. Both forms are available by calling us at 1-800-814-3692.

For More Information
Please call Phoenix Benefits at 1-800-814-3692.

1When a policy benefit is less than $5,000, a check will be issued directly to the beneficiary.
2Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the insurer.


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