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Instructions for Fillable Forms

These pages are intended to assist licensed insurance producers in the sale and service of Phoenix products and are not intended for unassisted use by Phoenix customers. Phoenix customers should go here for Customer Service information.

Forms are an essential part of our business. To help, we've made some of our forms fillable: You click on fields in the form, type the information, then print the completed form.

Tips on Using Fillable Forms

  • The symbol indicates that a form is fillable.
  • Use the Tab key to move through the fillable fields. You also can use your mouse to move to a field and then click on it to activate the field.
  • A small red box with an exclamation mark (!) indicates a "pop up" information box. Hold your mouse over the box to read the message.
  • Enter phone numbers with area code and no punctuation. The form automatically formats.
  • Enter Social Security numbers with no punctuation or spaces. The form automatically formats.
  • A green tab button will bring you to next page.
  • Use the Enter key to make a check mark.
  • When finished, tab out of the field. (Otherwise, the form won't print.)

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