Jim At Phoenix, we are focused on helping financial professionals provide solutions to their clients who are planning for or living in retirement. The financial prospects of middle income families have been challenged in recent years by volatile markets, low interest rates, high unemployment and rising healthcare costs. We understand those challenges and have the product development and sales support capabilities independent agents are looking for as they address the critical needs of today's retirees and pre-retirees.

Our annuities and life insurance product options help address a range of concerns like creating a predictable and lasting income stream, helping meet the high cost of long term care, protecting families in case of premature death, and creating a legacy when the time comes.

By partnering with Phoenix, financial professionals can help their clients plan for a secure retirement and protect their loved ones. Our sales support professionals at Saybrus Partners, Inc. are committed to delivering high quality products and services to help you meet your clients' needs and, at the same time, grow your business.

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Financial Strength Ratings




Date Rating Assigned


A.M. Best

B Stable 8/28/2013 7th of 16 ratings levels


BB- Negative 2/12/2013 13th of 21 possible ratings levels

These company ratings apply to Phoenix Life Insurance Company and PHL Variable Insurance Company. In some cases these ratings apply to our other life insurance subsidiaries.

Ratings are a third-party measure of an insurer's claims-paying ability: they do not indicate or guarantee any Phoenix Variable Annuity or Phoenix Variable Universal portfolio's credit rating or performance.

In January 2014, Moody's withdrew its ratings of The Phoenix Companies, Inc. due to insufficient information to monitor the ratings.

In 2009, Phoenix stopped providing Fitch Ratings with non-public information and ceased paying annual rating fees. Fitch continued to rate Phoenix based on public information until July 2013, when it withdrew all of its ratings.